Process Summary

This page summarizes where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we’re planning on going next.  It will be updated when things progress or change.

When reference to a “step” is made, it is part of the adoption steps timeline that we received from AFABC.  There are 16 total steps:

  1. Contact Adoptive Families Association of BC
  2. Attend an information session
  3. Application to adopt submitted, file opened
  4. Intake appointment
  5. Register for Adoption Education Program
  6. Attend Adoption Education Program
  7. Training completed
  8. Homestudy commences
  9. Homestudy completed/matching begins
  10. Possible match is found
  11. Proposal package
  12. Pre-placement planning
  13. Pre-placement visits
  14. Placement
  15. Residency period (6-12 months)
  16. Adoption finalized

Our Timeline


  • Lots of research on adoption, surrogacy, and lots of discussion.  Tentative decision to go with surrogacy, but not closing the door on adoption.

January 2015

  • Tentative offers from two separate friends to be our gestational surrogate.

Februrary 2015

  • Discussion with my sister re: egg donation – she agreed, tentatively.
  • Did some research and discovered that egg donors need to be under 35 years old at our preferred fertility clinic – so I made an appointment with my GP for a referral ASAP, as my sister turns 35 in December 2015.  Had the appointment and the referral was sent off to the doctor who specializes in surrogacy at our preferred clinic.

March 2015

  • Got a call back from the fertility clinic.  Time from referral to first callback: 12 days. Pretty quick, considering that referrals in the Canadian health care system sometimes take months to be processed if they’re not emergencies.  The bad news? They’re booked up until July, and will be getting back to us later on with an appointment time.
  • Contacted AFABC and signed up for adoption seminar (Step 1, March 25 2015).

May 2015

  • Completed our adoption seminar.  Started filling out paperwork, gathering references, and research (Step 2, May 27 2015) .
  • Made the decision to adopt a child who has been in foster care, as opposed to a private domestic or international adoption, or surrogacy.  It’s difficult to pinpoint why we came to this place, except that the both of us simultaneously but independently decided that we really wanted to provide a stable happy home for children who don’t have one.  It just doesn’t seem as important to us anymore to have a child who is related to one or both of us, or to adopt an infant.
  • Still haven’t received a call from the fertility clinic about scheduling an appointment.  We may still go and talk to them about surrogacy, even though we’re fairly certain we’re going with adoption now.
  • Emailed a few questions to our intake social worker — and got an auto response saying that she’s out of the office until June 15th.  More waiting!  I sense a theme. 🙂

June 2015

  • Made email contact with our intake social worker.  Finished filling out 19 pages of paperwork, and mailed them off!
  • Our intake social worker received our paperwork, opened our file, and phoned to make an intake appointment with us (Step 3, June 30 2015).

July 2015

September 2015

What’s to come:

  • September 2015: Start our Adoption Online Course from Indigenous Perspectives Society (September 14 2015) (cancelled by IPS in September 2015 — now we’re awaiting a new date for their new course)
  • September 2015: LGBTQ: Your Path To Parenthood information session (for educational purposes, not because we are changing our minds about adoption!)
  • October 2015: Start our Adoption Education Program (Step 6, October 1 2015)
  • December 2015: Finish our Adoption Education Program (Step 7, December 31 2015)