Ominous and Looming

We are married. 🙂

We had a perfect wedding day (aside from the heat, aarrghh) — we were surrounded by our nearest and dearest, who unfailingly supported us, made us laugh, cried with us, and danced their tails off at the end of the day. I could go on forever and a day about how wonderful the day was, and how lovely our mini-honeymoon was, but there is something even bigger than that, ominous and looming: our adoption intake appointment, which is in 5 days.

I know that it’s just a “getting to know you” appointment, and I know that we just have to be ourselves, but I am nervous. This is step four, and (hopefully) step 5, in our 16 step process. I want it to go smoothly, I want to like our social worker, and I want us to show her the best parts of who we are: but the whole idea just makes me go all quakey inside.

If anyone out there has gone through this, can you offer some words of advice or encouragement? There is a dearth of blogs for people who have gone through the adoption process through MCFD in British Columbia, and I feel as if I am casting around aimlessly in my Google searches.



After we mailed the giant pile of paperwork to our social worker, I decided to put adoption out of my head for a bit. We are getting married later this month (just over 2 weeks to go) and I figured I should re-focus on the wedding and honeymoon plans. I finished reading two of the books I ordered from Amazon, and then put the other ones aside for later.

My efforts succeeded! I got a chunk of wedding stuff done, had a lovely afternoon tea with my wedding attendants (including my sister, who is my maid of honour, who came from out of town), enjoyed two BBQ celebrations, and did some planning for our honeymoon.

And then, yesterday, we got a call from our social worker. I was at work, but she managed to get through to my fiancé, who stepped out of a meeting to take her call. Aaaaaaaand… we have our intake appointment scheduled for the end of July! It’ll be only five days after we get home from our mini-honeymoon (we have a bigger one planned in August) and I’ll be working until 7am the day of our appointment (which is at 10am, so you do the math on how much sleep I’m going to get), but I am not letting any of that bother me–even sleep deprived and frazzled, I am sure it’s going to go well. 🙂

Step 3 done, bring on step 4!

Oh, and a reminder.  If you want to see a summary of where we’re at in our adoption process, please check out the process summary page.  I update it frequently. 🙂

Quick update

I haven’t mentioned this on here yet, but my partner and I are getting married in July.  I dream about our upcoming wedding every night, and spend at least 4-5 hours a day actively researching or working on a wedding related project.

Our fertility clinic called me back, and the doctor is booked up solid until July.  I am praying that they don’t try to give us an appointment on the week of our wedding.  Praying.