Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork

I get the feeling that the stack of papers on our dining table is just the beginning.

We got an email back from our social worker on Monday, and finally had some time to sit down together on Wednesday to fill in the few blanks we had left.  And now it’s done!  I’m going to scan everything for posterity, and then mail it off today.

Aaaaaand then back to the waiting.  Waiting for my newest round of adoption-themed Amazon purchases to arrive, waiting for our social worker to process our paperwork, waiting for our wedding to be over and done with (one month to go, so there’s a little stress on that front).

This isn’t really a complaint. I know there will be a lot of waiting, and I am actually happy about it. If everything happened in close succession, there wouldn’t be time to process and think and plan and research. Which are things that I love doing, and things that need to happen.

And so. Time to redirect our focus back to the wedding and honeymoon, for the time being. 🙂


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