Egg Donation

One of the things that is important to us (and don’t ask me why, because if we use logic and reason, there isn’t a single reason why this should be important) is that our child be genetically related to one or both of us, if at all possible.

For reasons that are complicated to explain, this isn’t super easy for either of us.

The solution we’ve come up with is to use my sister’s eggs, if we decide to go with surrogacy.  She has tentatively agreed. 🙂

In Canada, it is illegal to pay someone for their eggs.  So, egg donation in Canada is done one of two ways:

  • you find a willing donor, and they do it out of the kindness of their heart (usually a relative or a friend, for obvious reasons)
  • you pay for eggs from elsewhere–usually the United States–to the tune of approximately $18,000 in addition to the usual fees for the donation process, which are about $13,000.

Obviously, the first route is the best (and cheapest), for us.  But it’s also difficult, because not every woman wants to endure the egg donation process.  We are beyond thankful that my sister is willing and able to consider this.  And if it doesn’t work out?  We haven’t entirely decided, but at that point, we’d have to either choose adoption instead, or possibly wade into the quagmire that is traditional surrogacy (which I am sure I’ll post about at some point, but it’s a lot messier legally and emotionally).


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